Thursday, 3 February 2011

Month 1 Story - The Prologue

Sorscha stood on the battlefield, stained with soot, sweat and blood.  She had seen off attackers from all sides, and fought with the unlikeliest allies to keep Llael free of Magnus' mercenaries and Cryxian invaders.  She nodded at the Druid that had already gone from fighting her to fighting with her over the space of days.

"Do not consider this an alliance, Khadoran.  Just the lesser of three evils.  It lasts no longer."  The blackclad and her warpwolves faded into the trees.
Kaya strode over to the hollow tree she had been using as a base camp in Llael for the last few months, stopping only to calm Convel, the eldest of her warpwolves as he shrieked in pain, reverting back to human form.  Taking Glimmer from the tree, Kaya silently summoned a great white wolf to her side, kneeling beside him and patting him.

"Hello, old friend.  We have a task to attend to..."
As Magnus fled the battlefield alongside the War Witch he had been hired by, he decided that there was no amount of coin that would be worth dealing with this level of incompetence.  He could travel quickly, his beloved warjacks had been devastated by a surprise union of the Khadoran occupiers and the druids which left him unburdened, unlike his erstwhile employer.  Still, the job sounded like it may be something useful for him, something to investigate later on, once he'd got reinforcements.  But for now, he ran.

He didn't need to be fast.  He just had to be faster than her.
Deneghra cursed the mercenary for his cowardice as she abandoned her warjacks to cover her own escape.  Not long after, she had found her way back to the Cryxian camp where Skarre was waiting.

"A failure, I presume?"
"Your mercenary deserted us.  Next time I see him, I shall take our advance payment from his hide."
"No.  You won't.  I'm going to deal with this personally..."
The figure stood overlooking the battlefield as four armies clashed, his bladed hands nearly rubbing against each other with glee.
"We may not have to attack this stupid land ourselves!  Wait long enough and they'll kill themselves!"
"But that is not the Hoksune way!" A single soldier spoke out, only to be struck down by the Master Tormentor.
"No.  It is the Paingiver way.  Still, I would have sport among these playthings.  Fetch me my beasts, I march at daybreak."

Morghoul gave a rictus grin.
The Winter Guard had almost finished picking over the wreckages of the warjacks when one ran up to Sorscha, stopping only to give a stilted salute.
"Kommander, there is something you should see, from the mercenary's belongings!"  He handed her a note which she skimmed before barking orders.
"Pack up!  We're moving!  You, you and you, get my Warjacks on the cart!  You!  bring this to Koldun Kommander Zerkova!  She'll want to see this..."

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