Friday, 4 February 2011

Winning Is My Habit; What's Yours? (Khador Month 2)

And so the first month of the tour comes to a dramatic conclusion with Sorscha and the Khador Jacks being the only force able to claim victory over every other army. The majority of the time I lost the first game against a new force as I expected I would, but a lesson learnt painfully is a lesson learnt well, leading me to win a lot of my subsequent battles.

I've had a good time with Sorscha and she will definitely be remembered as the first caster that I have ever achieved any sort of solid ability to win with, hopefully her replacements will serve me just as well.

Month Two sees the appearance of Zerkova, the one eyed treasure hunting spell caster of Khador (£5.95) with a rather swish entourage of Greylord Ternions (£9.95). This spell slinging core of devoted servants to the motherland should be able to give my battle-tested 'Jacks some support, hopefully with the ability to match-up against the choices of my opponents.

I will be writing up the findings from my first few battles with this new force as they start seeing some action, but from the test run I have done with the ternions all I can say is; watch that formation very, very, carefully.

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