Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Skorne Month 2 - Saving on slaving- Being lifes Slave

As we are almost at the end of month two & the task masters whip was cracking I decided to write my blog. Unfortunatly I havent been able to get a game in this month as I have had life issues, Finish up work for College courses and Personal life really are a bane on painting and gaming, Along with the issue of almost losing our gaming venue.

This Month I purchased; Skorne Beast handlers MAX £18 and a Cyclops Shaman £12.
This Gives me some more Flexibility with my beasts and allows me to buff them up good and proper for more annoying of Circle, The beast handlers allow me to run my beasts hot without having to worry, Enrage will also allow me to beatdown enemy heavies quicker, (Khador springs to mind) And medicate will keep them in the fight longer, meaning ranged attacks will be less daunting.
The Shaman Gives me a nice bit of range support, The craft talisman ability Will really boost Morghouls offensive ability and allow him to hang back if needed and spell things to death (it may not be his strong suit but it will kill infantry) With the shaman comes Primal magic, This allows it to cast another beasts animus, thats right kids another model with FUTURE SIGHT! Its own animus Spirit blade will also be helpful against the cryx as enemy upkeep spells/animi on friendly units expire. Its ranged ability Evil eye also has ghost shot, No more tricksy Circle and there stealth ya say?. He also is no slouch in combat a Reach magical spear will deal with any minor threats the savage has'nt dealt with yet.

With month 3 fast appraoching im very much looking forward to my new caster! he is my favourite caster in skorne and a magical buff machine, Want a hint? It sounds a bit like Baal.....

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