Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Oos a good boy!? Oos a good wikkle puppy!? - Circle on a Budget (Month 4)

OK, I finally broke this month and got me...

Warpwolf Stalker (£23)

...I love this little puppy.  In the first game against Chris' Cryx, it took out five Mechanithrall, five Bane Thralls, a Deathripper, a Slayer and eleven points of damage to Asphixious.  Berserk on a P+S 16 large based monster with reach is beautiful, and Prowl on something that big is, quite frankly, insane.

With Kaya the Moonhunter, the Stalker becomes even better.  Advance Deployment means he can be set up to counter the biggest concentration of infantry, and Forced Evolution makes him P+S 18 (20!!! with Warp Strength) and DEF 16.  I've yet to get a shot off with Dog Pile, but a 13" Threat Range has gotta be fun, too.  In the list as it currently stands, the Stalker blitzes up the middle, flanked by the Ferals and protected by the Druids' Counter Magic and Shadow Pack and, the second the lines connect, Kaya moves back and Feats to regroup and give myself a turn to redeploy to hit again.

This works a lot better if you fight things that can't heal.  Trainee's goddamn mechaniks can happily repair a near-totalled 'jack in a single round which necessitates actually wrecking the thing.  Warmachine is so broke...  But hey, at least the Stalker's mini is great.

Next month...  The litter!

Skiing When You're Skint: Ooh Ahh, Just a Little Bit. Ooh Ahh, A Little Bit More (Khador Month 4)

The theme of this month, as the title implies is MORE! What do I mean by that? Well my purchases of course! I picked up more Doom Reavers, more Ternions and more Doom Reaver UA's.

It is a bit boring talking about how my experiences this month have been doing more of the same, but my tier list demands these things be so. Regardless my infantry swarm is looking rather menacing. Two units of Doom Reavers with tough... not a pretty sight for the enemy. The problem I've had with getting those bad boys to hit however still exists. Their spell ward means they can't be pumped up but in the future I am thinking having them backed by a personal greylord ternion entourage will be in their best interest...if I can avoid the abomination checks that is.

In the coming month I'll be picking up a Kodiak, hopefully he will be a prime target for Watcher. My Koldun Lords should also add a bit of flexibility to the list, adding some much needed mobility for my 'Jacks which end up being kind of shackled to my caster when they could do with being elsewhere.

In other news I have had a bunch of intense and close games this month. Some I have won, some I have not, but grinding that Titan into dust made me a very happy chappy.