Monday, 28 February 2011

Cryx Month 2 - ups and downs

Having only played Warmachine for a few months before starting this tour i was still getting to grips with how everything works and different tactics. Two months later i have finally had my first few wins with Cryx and understanding how different they are to Khador.

I have found that their strength lies in outmanuvering an opponent, debuffing opposing warjacks and totally destroying a target before i can retaliate.

This month i decided to boost my ranks with a new caster, Asphixious who is a very different caster to Deneghra while still keeping with the core powers of the Cryx.

I also decided to add another heavy warjack in the form of the Reaper, the combination of a harpoon to drag unsuspecting warjacks and a hard hitting sustained attack reach weapon to decimate whatever is dragged.

I have yet to manage a successful drag but the reapers melee attacks have tasted Circle Warlock blood this month.

Next month i move onto some units to provide some variety in my armies.

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  1. I like how bright your assorted Cryxians are - very different from my old-school dark and boring all-metal paintjobs.