Sunday, 20 February 2011

New models. New time. New rules.

Seeing as February isn't a proper month, we're getting swiftly to the end of it!  In a few days, March will be on us and we'll be getting £60 into our armies.  As such, we're bringing in some new rules;

We're just getting out of the 15 point, mangled metal games, and into larger games with infantry and actual armies.  Now, as much as I love Privateer Press, and I do, the scenarios in Prime/Primal are gash, and I can't be arsed with the Steamroller ones, so we're adapting ones from another game we're picking up that, for reasons of avoiding copyright infringement, rhymes with 'Balifaux'.  I'll post these up later on after a bit of fine-tuning, but they shoud set up some nice casual play above and beyond "GO HERE! KILL THIS!".

Anyone can play Warmachine, but it takes more skill to play it WELL.  As such, starting in March, we'll be launching our awards scheme!  These are divided into two groups - the Achievements and the Awards.  Achievements are all set up as things to work to towards the campaign, while the Awards are done by nominations, and the best one will get the final...  Whatever we decide to set up as prizes.  A piece of toast, or used toothbrush or something of that calibre, probably.

Achievements include...

Victor! - Most Wins
King o' the Hill – Most Wins by scenario
Slayer - Most points killed by a 'caster in a single game
Assassin - Most 'casters killed in a month
Destroyer - Most 'beasts/'jacks totalled in a single turn
Ivan the Tier-ible - Most wins with a Theme List (at least Tier 2)
Monogamy - Most wins in a row with a single 'caster
Polygamy - Most wins in a row without using the same 'caster twice in a row (min. 3 seperate 'casters)
Unde-Feat-ed - Most wins without using your 'caster's Feat
Total Wipeout - Most games played that end without a single living model (except 'casters) on the field.
Showin' Yo Colours - Most wins with a fully painted force.

Awards include...

The Hannibal Smith Award - Best combo
The B.A. Baraccus Award - Best bringing of PAIN
The Faceman Award - Best blag.
The H.M. Murdoch Award - Best successful mental plan.
The Jonny Gatt Award - Best one-hit kill.
The Alex Murphy Award - Best recieving of PAIN.
The Clarence J. Boddicker Award - Best random betrayal in a multiplayer game.
The Liam Neeson, Samuel L. Jackson and Morgan Freeman, all rolled in to one Award - Coolest thing, done or said.

Starting next month, I'll keep a running count of any Achievements, and we'll make nominations over our posts, with some stories to keep you loyal readers in internet land amused.

Yeah, I've started playing around with it.  We'll see how bored I get with normal looking posts from now on!

Until next time, chiiiil-dren!

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