Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Skorne Month 1 - Saving on slaving

Month 1.
Starting late on the tour (Well i had my models but was away for the first week) I was a t a disadvantage as everyone had already practised with there new armies. But one not to be Detered the Skorne Took the fight to the Dirty hippies (Circle).

All in all it was a close fight, Admonition upkeeped on the Titan Helped provide board control and managed to take out the Warpwolf. But was in turn destroyed by Multiple spirit fangs and then an Argus up the Arse. Kaya charged a Savage and failed to kill it (3 Boxes remained). As the skornes turn started Morghoul activated and cast the Savages animus upon itself (giving him future sight) Then promptly charged Kaya and cut her to ribbons (The argus who killed the titan was maxed on fury) So no feat was needed from Morghoul.

So the main things i learnt about Skorne, FUTURE SIGHT!! Its amazing and makes people hate you so it all works! Being able to boost over rolling allowed me to be fury economic and non was wasted.
Skorne have Surprising speed, Being a Troll player it was nice to play aggressively and take the fight to the enemy.
Admonition, It allowed for so much board control and denial, it totally changed the way my opponent wanted to play (Damn hippies), Its definitely a spell I'm going to miss when  change my caster.

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