Sunday, 16 January 2011

Cryx Month 1 - Deneghra

Being fairly new to Warmachine and only really having experience with Khador i decided to pick the force that had a playstyle totally the opposite end of the scale, so i settled upon Cryx.

Having just taken the shrink wrap off my Cryx battle box my head is already deciding upon the paint scheme even before the first model is even constructed. Having looked at the official paint scheme in Prime I decided that although the scheme looks good its just a bit to dark for my taste, so I have used this scheme as a start point and added some splashes of colour across all the models in the starter box.I always start a new army by painting the leader; these models have lots of detail and usually contain elements of all of the models in the army, Deneghra is a prime example of this. She has the armour plating of the bonejacks and the skin and flowing cloth of the Cryx units.

All of the models have a black basecoat, and then are given a metal dry brush all over, this helps bring out the details as well as covering the armour plating.

After giving the whole model a coat of the base colour I inked the areas that benefit from the extra detail such as the clothing and skin, followed by individually painting each armour plate.

The skin came out looking very green, giving her too much of a rotting look so I painted back over with grey while leaving the green in the details.

Here is the completed model in all her glory, ready to demolish all enemies of Cryx

The base will need completing but i will decide upon this for the whole force once i have established upon what field of battle she destroys the most.

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