Monday, 17 January 2011

Skiing when your Skint: Khador on a budget (Month 1)

So here we are at last, the beginning of a 12 month adventure to collect the biggest baddest armies in all of Western Immoren, so what's on the cards? I'll be building up a 100 point Khador list using Zerkova and Vlad, and they will I'm sure 'wreck face'.

I'm not really that big on modelling so my posts will be focused more on analysis of the battles themselves, trying to figure out what exactly went right or wrong.

So to kick off Pete and I had several 'training' matches with our battleboxes to test the waters a little. The Khador batttlebox contains a Destroyer, a Juggernaut and Sorscha. Out of the 5 or so battles we had, I only came close to winning once (perhaps not the greatest start), but I did come out with some observations.

1. Khador heavies have a speed issue
This seems obvious, just looking at the stat line can tell you that, but this speed disadvantage was a MASSIVE problem. The biggest issue is that the problem can be easily compounded; anything that reduces your speed or eliminates your ability to do special move commands like running and charging more or less grounds your 'Jacks.

2. No arc node is dangerous
Sorscha has a limited spell range, with an overall threat range (movement+spell range) of 16 (more with wind rush) you're going to need to get close to the enemy in order to deliver the damage on the spell front, you have no choice, Khador has no arc node. This puts your caster in massive danger, especially Sorscha with her low ARM, but this can be mitigated to a degree by her high DEF.

So with that in mind, what would I do differently next time?

1. Be a bit Cagier
It is obviously tempting, and often beneficial to rush your Khador heavies in trying to pound face, but this does mean putting your 'Jacks in place for a horrible dose of slowing effects. The solution? Hang back. With this box the Destroyer gives you a powerful ranged option so use him to whittle down the enemies beasts. With luck you can cripple the enemy lights, and if not you can at least goad him into coming to you.

2. Use those spells for different reasons
With the spell wind rush, it is often tempting to use it to move further up the field, however it is probably better to use it to move back, initiating hit and run tactics. Casting freezing grip on a beast, a 'Jack or a caster is not AS effective as it is against infantry because the effect can be shaken off. However, especially as far as warmachine is concerned, the focus/fury it costs to shake off may prevent an enemy plan by either preventing them from upkeeping a key spell or by preventing them being able to charge with everything.

So the verdict then is that when facing a foe with speed the basic Khador battlebox seems to be outclassed. When you see those mighty 'Jacks on the table with their seemingly impenetrable ARM score you feel like you can take almost any level of punishment, but I think it would be better to play things a little closer to my chest.

These observations were based on battles against the Circle Orboros battlebox, I will report on my experiences against other forces when I meet them on the field of battle.

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