Friday, 14 January 2011

The Tour has started!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the Western Immoren Economy Tour!  The deal is simple, a group of gamers at Muttley's Model Shop in Canterbury, England all want new Warmachine/Hordes armies, and are all skint.  We're all starting with a battlebox, and then going for £30 a month (about $50 US) to expand out our armies while we blog about it.

The current combatants are;

Pete Croucher (Me, Chip) - Circle Orboros
James "Trainee" Purdham-Cook - Khador
Dan Martin - Skorne
Chris Pattle - Cryx
Elton Walters - Magnus' Agenda

Hopefully, the first minis will be painted over this week, and the first few posts and pictures will be up by next weekend!  We're looking into having an ongoing story arc and actually using the Bonding rules, but that'll come in with our new 'casters next month.

Lastly, I will throw in a disclaimer - this is done for fun.  While we will no doubt learn new and fun tactics, this will probably never be a font of any information that isn't useless.  There are other sites designed for getting the most out of models, but this is about getting an army on the cheap and having a laugh with some mates.  Keep reading though, there's gotta be a diamond in the shit occasionally!

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