Thursday, 31 March 2011

Cryx Month 3 - Units

So this month i decided to add a couple of units to my warjack heavy force, namely a unit of Satyxis Raiders and some Mechanithralls.

I have found the Mechanithralls to be very hit and miss, they are very cheap, but do not stand up to much punishment so i have mostly been using them to annoy/distract my opponent rather than as a direct fighting unit. I am not sure if they will be a regular addition to my army but are useful to fill out those last few points.

When i first used the Raiders i imagined them assaulting warjacks and using their feedback to damage a warcaster directly but after the first game i realised that they make excellent infantry killers, with an average Mat and low P+S they should only be attacking lightly armoured warjacks. their strength lies in the fact they have 2 attacks of similar P+S, therefore giving you 2 chances to kill an infantryman, or if facing a unit with tough a 2nd chance to make them fail the tough roll should they succeed.

Next month i will be adding a tougher unit of Bane Thralls

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