Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Skorne Month 3 - Saving on slaving- There Is No Morghoul Only ZAAL!!

Well Im late for my month three blog. My excuse is pure lazyness, and a desire to do other stuff.
On the gaming front ive missed a decent amount of weeks for people to Forget i turn up My new Name is Huang And I enjoy Playing Skorne.
Anyhoo For month three I purchased Zaal and Kovass (£11), Hakaar the Destroyer (£11) and an Ancestral guardian (£8) Which nicely gives me Zaal Tier 2 in my 25pt list of; Zaal, Kovass, Titan Gladiator, two cyclops savages, cyclops shaman, Hakaar the destroye, Ancestral guardian.  This month I hvae played a staggering six games with Zaal winning all but one. The entire list is a Titan Delivery system who just slams everything. So far it appears to be working but the opposition is learning (Except chris who decided to charge the gladiator with his caster....)
On the painting front all models where finished the week of purchase and I managed to grab some Dragonforge bases for my skorne, which are also all painted and looking oh so pretty (pictures coming soon).
Next month I get Infantry so I should be able to use Zaal effectivly!

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