Saturday, 16 April 2011

Circle so far, a story in pictures...

I feel I owe you guys an explanation, what with the posts being a few weeks late.  Due to some unforseen complications, our order was delayed slightly, and we like to have at least one night's gaming before we claim to be experts.  And so, both to put SOMETHING up and as I've been playing with my phone's camera (and I need some distraction from my Stalker, who insists on falling apart, what with the ridiculous joint on the right ankle of the top heavy mini...), I hereby present...  Kaya's battlegroup!

Kaya the Moonhunter
Beautiful model, truly beautiful.  She sports the classic druid brown, brown and brown with hints of brown and blue warpaint.  I'm not a fan of oddly bright minis that many people seem to like - the multiple dull shades work for me.

What the pictures don't show is that Laris is actually much paler than the Warpwolves.  He's also the best example of the warpaint thing I've got going on.

I spent far too much time on this little puppy.  He never gets enough table time, what with everyone else inexplicably wanting to kill the arc node that gives Kaya +2DEF.
The first of my Feral Warpwolves, this was the test for the drybrush-heavy colour scheme.  Personally, I think it works!

To distinguish Weylyn from Convel, I spent ages smoothing over the shoulder joint so the left arm looked different from a distance.  After three weeks of his tail falling off (a problem I've never had with Convel, go figure), I eventually sculpted over the hole and now he's obviously different!

The lesson here, kids, is never try.  Something will always happen that'll be better than your feeble attempts.

Finally, after this tirade of negativity and hate, I present you with the blurry battlegroup photo!

I did try taking pictures of the Blackclads, but alliteration demands that I refer to the pictures I got by the fitting title of bullshit balls of blurry brown bollocks.  This is primarily because, well, they are.  I hate painting small-based units, and this shows in the overall quality of the poor druids.  Their recent performance may warrant a better paint job.

Anyway, that's enough of a distraction, and my Stalker's just fallen apart again and his massive sword is just...  Taunting me to actually stay on.  As of this week, I hope the blog will return to it's regularly scheduled programming, so long!

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