Thursday, 24 March 2011

Born survivaaaaaaaaaah!!! - Circle on a Budget (Month 3)

Last time on this blog,I said it was either a Stalker or the Druids and, as Trainee ranted yesterday, this month's purchases were...

Druids of Orboros Box (£20)
Druids of Orboros Overseer (£8)

Oh yes.  The paragon unit of denial, the Druids make the Choir of Menoth look like pathetic man-children.  Delivering army-wide (more or less) immunity to spells, a wall of LOS blockage AND Force Bolt, which on it's own made me pick up a unit of Battle Mages for my Ret.  The Overseer's extra abilities on top of that are just amazing.

I've only just remembered they have Medicate too.  Holy shit these dudes are awesome.

Now that I've got the gushing torrents of praise out of the way, onto the lessons I've learnt in the last...  7-8 weeks?

1 - Kaya the Moonhunter is a scenario 'caster trapped in an assassination 'caster's body.  With combat stats that rival the Butcher when she's with Laris and in the thick of things, she LOOKS like she should be able to teleport in and trash face, but I've had very limited success with that.  What I HAVE had success with is using the frankly disgusting speed she can grant her battlegroup at near enough no cost - Warpwolves, warping for speed and on the Advance Deployment line can get 32" (that's running, which is free with Alpha!) across the board on turn one.  This means they can grab objectives to fortify before other forces can get near them, which is nice.  Don't get me started on her Feat, which is a counter attack/refortification in a bag.

2 - Fury is more adaptable than Focus, but it'll bite you in the arse if you fuck up.  It's commonly said that Fury is better than Focus, but all it takes is one turn of slightly misjudging the attacks you'll need, an extra transfer you didn't account for...  You're stuck with either too much Fury on a beast, or you're cutting like a little emo for Fury.  I've left the self harm wagon behind - no more cutting for Fury.  I'll either learn to manage Fury better or Kaya will die, out of transfers and with a pile of dead 'beasts.

3 - Druids are awesome.  Yeah, I said this up above, but it bears repeating!

I'm loving the Circle right now, the speed they can reach and the obscene damage they can throw out are great fun (current record is one Warpwolf totalling two undamaged Cryx Heavies in a single round...).  We also get to use phrases to "so these werewolves are fighting the giant robots..." when explaining the game to interested passers by.  Which is a bonus.


The Faceman Award - Trainee.  Just after we switched to scenarios, we set up for a Mosh Pit.  After slaughtering the stuff in the middle and trying to work out why he'd left a bunch of stuff on the outside, he revealed his plan...  He'd set the goddamn terrain up an inch smaller than the Mosh Pit.  I'd overextended and he mangled me.  (Un)fair play to him, it worked!

The Alex Murphy Award - Chris.  Once again, a Mosh Pit.  Once again, it involved slightly misjudging the distance.  I think Chris may have still been a full foot out of the Mosh Pit by turn three.  Pain was received.

Next month...  S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : Call of Orboros.

EDIT - Also, a quick plug for Trainee's band (really), this month's blog title is from their song, Born Survivor, which I will inflic...  Grace you with now!


  1. Trainee's band sound like a Tenacious D tribute act. Is that the point?

    Druids are indeed awesome, no argument on that front.

    Your thoughts on Kaya intrigue me. I've just come into ownership of a Circle army and had been looking at adding her to it at some stage: thank you.

  2. I don't know if they're meant to be in tribute to anything in particular, but I do know they're awful! Intentionally, apparently...

    Enjoy your new Circle, man! We may not have got the Woldwrath, but the blackclads are still great fun to play :)