Thursday, 24 March 2011

Skiing When You're Skint: If You Can Hit It, It Will Die (Khador Month 3)

After the successful debuting of Zerkova, the oddly much hated caster of Khador I moved forward with my greylord army. This month's additions to the war effort were a max unit of battle mechaniks (more on them later) and a unit of Doom Reavers with their greylord escort.

The Doom Reavers are a nasty little unit, with reach weapons AND weapon master, coupled with a high MAT and P+S if you charge something with these guys you will either end up missing spectacularly or whatever you charged will be mush. The escort mitigates a lot of the weaknesses of the unit, for example without him they tend to get a little bit too choppy...with the heads of their own friends... and their low DEF and ARM makes them pretty squishy targets, which the escort also fixes by granting them tough.

The battle mechaniks have become the new thorn in my side this month due only to the fact that privateer press seems to have forgot to make the chief... This means I find myself without the stat card (for one wound models this isn't a drastic issue) but it also means I have to proxy in some models which always looks crap. I have also fallen into the same trap I did when I played my previous factions, forgetting to activate the mechanik unit. As was pointed out to me yesterday though my 'Jacks tend to either be in a state of perfect health or totalled.

My results this month in terms of victory have been a little more of a mixed bag than they were last month. I finally proved to Chris that Khadorans actually COULD stomp a mudhole where Cryx's heads used to be when I faced him one on one, however I did meet a sticky end facing the Skorne (for the whole 1 game Dan played this month). My experiences fighting the Circle have been...frustrating... Those damn druids have some mighty fine spell casting ability meaning I more or less HAD to go toe to toe with them but those damn cloud effects made it even harder for my guys to actually hit anything... They have booked themselves an appointment with the Doom Reavers I think.

Tactically I have found that Zerkova's weakness lies in scenario play, her strategies really depend on deciding on a course of action early on and building your turns carefully around that goal but scenarios require a more reflexive touch that is tricky to implement with our one eyed wonder.

Also (it was bound to happen) counters for 'The Watcher Problem' have begun appearing forcing me to rely on slightly altered game plans ( Watcher is still a SWEET spell).

So a mixed bag for me this month but a good one for the most part, join me next month as I blitz the field with...EVEN MORE DOOM REAVERS!

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